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Chef uniforms for professional chef range including chef jackets, chef aprons, chef hats, chef shoes, chef pants, chef neckerchiefs


Chef Uniform Measurements for Chef Jackets, Chef Aprons, Chef Shoes and Chef Pants - Size Chart

Chef Uniform Measurements for Chef Jackets, Chef Aprons, Chef Shoes and Chef Pants - Size Chart

Please note the following when taking measurements:

Bust/Chest - should be measured at the fullest point under the arms around the chest. 

***It is recommended that you take off your shirt/top or wear a light t-shirt before you take the measurements as cloths adds extra width to the measurement. We have given below the size chart for actual body measurement.

Waist - measure around natural waistline above hip bones.

- Tape should not be too tight. Keep tape straight and level.
- Always order your garment to accommodate the largest body measurement
- Don't hold your breath. 

Select the chef jacket/chef pant size that most closely matches your chest/waist size from the chart below.

Size chart given below is for Actual Body Measurement.


Size Chart Handy Chef

white short sleeve chart


pin stripe skull cap chart
half apron chart

Shirt size measurements


Shoe size


Size chart for Handy Chef uniforms, chef pants, chef jackets, aprons and kids uniforms Chef Pants Chef Aprons Chef Aprons Chef Caps Chef Neckerchiefs Chef Jackets


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