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We’ll embroider your company logo, design or name in the thread colour of your choice.

Embroidery is the process of stitching your design directly on the garments you order. Personalizing your chef uniform is an ideal way to enhance your look. All of our chef uniforms are embroidered with the highest quality thread and stitched by our factory professionals. We provide you with the best quality custom logo embroidered chef uniforms at a very competitive price. We are trusted by the top chefs in the world to make sure they look and feel their best.

Elevate your culinary style with our premium collection of embroidered chef uniforms in Australia. Explore our online store to buy top-notch, custom logo-embroidered chef uniforms that seamlessly blend comfort and professionalism. Our meticulously crafted uniforms not only showcase your unique brand identity but also ensure you work in style and comfort. With a focus on quality and durability, our embroidered chef uniforms are designed to meet the demanding standards of the culinary world. Shop online to experience the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics, and make a lasting impression in the kitchen with our exclusive range of chef attire.

We can embroider a huge range of Chef Uniforms including Chef Jackets, Chef Caps, Chef Aprons & Kids Chef Uniforms.

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Embroidery price guide.

Logo digitising set up fee up to 120mm wide, 120mm high.  $60.00

*Handy Chef offers free embroidery setup costs for orders starting from a minimum quantity of 50 pieces or more

This converts a customer’s company logo into a stitch format. This is a once-only set up fee, repeat orders do not incur additional charges. We embroider a sample for approval prior to decorating any garments.

Embroidery costs per garment.

Single colour designs $9.90 each

Multi coloured designs $12.00 each.

For bulk orders 50 garments or more

Single colour designs $8.80  each.

Multi coloured designs $11.00 each.

Turn around times.   New customers, up to approx. 10 days.  Return customers up to 7 days.

Custom Logo Embroidered Chef Uniforms Special on Bulk Quantities

We provide a full range of Corporate and Promotional Chef Uniforms including Chef Jackets, Chef Pants, Chef T-Shirts, Chef Caps and Chef Aprons at a very special discounted price. Please enquire today with your custom logo to embroider with the required quantity to get the special discounted price.

Embroidered Chef Jackets

Jacket Embroidery Locations
Embroidered Chef Jackets
Elevate your kitchen elegance with Handy Chef’s Embroidered Chef Jackets

Embroidered Chef Shirts

Shirt Embroidery Positions
Embroidered chef shirts
Explore Handy Chef’s Embroidered Chef Shirts, where personalized details meet professional style

Embroidered Chef Aprons

Embroidery Chef Aprons Location
Embroidered Chef Bib Aprons
Explore Handy Chef’s Embroidered Chef Bib Aprons, where each stitch tells a tale of unique style


Embroidered Chef Aprons
Handy Chef’s Embroidered Chef Aprons bring a touch of sophistication to your kitchen attire

Embroidered Chef Caps

Embroidered Chef Caps
Handy Chef’s Embroidered Chef Caps bring a touch of personalized flair to your kitchen ensemble

Embroidered Kids Chef Aprons & Hats

Embroidered Kids Bib Aprons
Adorable and personalized! Elevate your little chef’s style with Handy Chef’s Embroidered Kids Bib Aprons. Each stitch tells a story of culinary adventures in the making
Embroidered Kids Chef Hats
Handy Chef’s Embroidered Kids Chef Hats bring playful personalization to little kitchen enthusiasts

Embroidered Chef Pants

Embroidery Chef Pants Location

Embroidered Lab Coats / Food Industry Coats